• Visiting Vancouver
    Visit the beautiful west coast of Canada to learn English with us at GEOS Vancouver! 

About Vancouver

 It’s no accident that the colours that represent the local hockey team are green and blue – the colours of our forest and ocean playgrounds.  Vancouver boasts more parks than any other city in the world, the largest of which – Stanley Park – takes up approximately half of the downtown peninsula. 

The compact urban core makes the city seem much larger but because the flora and fauna are never far, it doesn’t take much to discover an oasis from the urban hustle.  The seawall, which extends around Stanley Park, is over 22 km in length – the longest uninterrupted walkway in the world.

 The Vancouver Aquarium where you can see dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions, seals and sea otters will no doubt be on your list of places to visit, along with the massive Museum of Anthropology, a centre for historic and contemporary Native art. 

Vancouver is also an education hub with five renowned universities in the region – among them, SFU and UBC rank among the world’s best.  While the extensive network of colleges provide international students with a wealth of options to continue their studies following our tutelage.