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Discover the beauty of the English language in vibrant Vancouver! Join our English course for an enjoyable language learning experience.

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English Courses at GEOS Vancouver

The Best Way to Learn English is Practice a Lot. Studying English is like learning to play a musical instrument. Whether you want to learn how to speak English or how to improve reading English, the more you practice - especially spoken English, the better you get at all the other skills. It's a simple principle. It's still a lot of work, but if you follow that, you will be successful.

Most ESL classes spend too much time learning English grammar. It's true that grammar is important, but learning language is like learning to swim. You can't do it by reading a book -- you have to practice! So, immerse yourself in our outstanding ESL program in Vancouver to realize your full linguistic potential.

  • Our ESL courses are designed to give students more practice.
  • GEOS Languages Plus students have English classes every day for just Speaking and Listening.
  • Because GEOS Languages Plus has more English speaking classes, our students learn English faster.
  • We help you to improve your business English and engage in conversational fluency
  • Our ESL program in Vancouver has a variety of personalized courses for you.

Language Courses

Standard Course

Our Standard English Program provides students with insight into the language and how to apply effective methods of communication at an accelerated pace.

Classes generally finish in the early afternoon (usually before 1 pm), giving students the opportunity to enjoy the majority of their afternoon sightseeing and discovering the city and local culture.

Standard English includes 20 lessons per week (15 hours).

  • Integrated Skills - Mixed Skill Development to build general language ability.
  • Active Listening - This extra Listening and Speaking class is the GEOS Advantage!

Note: Students must register for a minimum of 2 weeks.

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Intensive Course

Our Intensive General English Program is our most popular program. It is well-suited for students looking to develop their English skills in a shorter time frame and at an accelerated pace. The goal for students in Intensive English is to gain greater fluency and accuracy in a more concentrated period of time.

Intensive English includes 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours) with 3 daily classes.

  • Integrated Skills - Mixed Skill Development to build general language ability.
  • Active Listening - This extra Listening and Speaking class is the GEOS Advantage!
  • Elective Class - Practice your choice of language skill - writing, reading and more!

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Super Intensive Course

Our Super-Intensive General English Program is well-suited for students looking to develop their English skills in a shorter time frame and at an accelerated pace. Students develop their English up to 30% faster with this course.

Super-Intensive English includes 40 lessons per week (28 hours) with 4 daily classes.

  • Integrated Skills - Mixed Skill Development to build general language ability
  • Active Listening - This extra Listening and Speaking class is the GEOS Advantage
  • 2 Sessions: Elective Class - Practice your choice of language skill: writing, reading and more!

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Part-time course

Our part-time program is perfect for students in our local area interested in taking one English course throughout the week. It is ideal for those looking to continue their English learning at a relaxed pace or to brush up on previous acquired skills.

Part-Time English includes 10 lessons per week (7.5 hours) and students select one of the following courses as part of this program:

(IELTS can be taken as a single course here, or alternatively, students can register for our full-time IELTS Preparation Programs). This course will not satisfy the requirements for a study permit application.

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Special Programmes

Private or semi-private tutorials are an option for students who want to study English with a teacher by themselves and/or want to study a very specific topic or language. This program is extremely specialized, as students can choose their own course content. It is perfect for students who believe they can excel in a one-on-one environment.

As one of the first ESL (English as a second language) programs to teach test preparation, English study at GEOS Languages Plus has helped hundreds of students enter university. The high standards of our academic English and test preparation class instructors makes GEOS Languages Plus test preparation ESL programs different. If you want to improve your IELTS score or are looking for an IELTS class for beginners, GEOS Languages Plus can help you.

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Different Skills we teach at GEOS Languages Plus

English Language Courses with GEOS Languages Plus are among the best options for you to improve because our intensive English course includes extra time to improve your speaking - 30% more speaking time than most other English programs.

GEOS Languages Plus offers programs that will help you learn English conversation, prepare for an ESL test or improve your English for work or university. Our IELTS classes have great teachers who are kind, but have high standards and will give you the right amount of push to succeed. English language programs with GEOS Languages Plus can be the first step to a degree or a great career. We provide a helpful and immersive learning atmosphere, from lively English lessons and interactive workshops sessions. With our comprehensive English courses in Vancouver for international students, you're going to embark on an interesting language adventure. We also have programs for working holiday students and partnerships with colleges that help students work and study in Canada.

Integrated Skills

To get a good foundation in basic language, students need a complete English course. This means students will get time to study spoken English, listening English, reading English, written English and English grammar. Every day, as part of their GEOS ESL Program, students will have the opportunity to develop the spectrum of skill areas.

GEOS approach to learning English grammar is to include it as part of our complete Integrated Studies program. Our students not only learn the grammar but learn it in context by reading or listening and practice it right away by writing or speaking.

In that way, our students learn English grammar by learning English conversation.

Active Listening

We all know that in order to get good at something you have to get good at the basics. The mistake many people make is that the basics of English is only grammar. That's like learning to get better at soccer by reading the rule book.

If you want to know how to improve English, what you are really asking is how to improve spoken English. Speaking practice helps all the other skills more than any other type of practice. Most of the time we communicate by speaking - even when we are learning to think in another language - so when you are choosing the right place for your English lesson, you should choose the place that give you the most time in spoken English classes.

GEOS has designed their ESL course to have the most speaking time. In the Active listening class, students spend the entire 90 minute block speaking or listening. This is because while speaking is the most fundamental skill to language, listening is the most difficult and requires the most practice.

Elective Classes

Elective courses are an opportunity for students to study and develop a specific skill or prepare for a specific English exam. Elective course offerings vary in each location and are subject to change each semester, but examples of possible offerings include Communicative Grammar, Listening and Pronunciation, Academic Writing, TOEFL Preparation, IELTS Preparation, etc…

Because our elective schedule changes every semester, we ask you to contact us directly at (604) 684-6407.

IELTS Classes

IELTS Preparation Program is well-suited for students looking to prepare for the IELTS test. Most students take the IELTS elective in the afternoon or an academic writing course.

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Admission Requirements:

Programs are open to post-secondary-aged non-native English speakers. GEOS has no pre-requisites with reference to prior course work, degrees or diplomas. GEOS does not accept, allow students to earn or transfer out credits of any kind. Some programs are targeted to persons under the age of 18 and enrollment by parents or a guardian is required in these cases. The enrollment of overseas students under the age of 16 is at the discretion of the School Manager. All students take the GEOS placement test to determine their level of English so that they can be placed in the appropriate level. GEOS does not accept Ability to Benefit students and does not have an articulation agreement with any other schools.

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