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At GEOS Langauges Plus , We believe offering our valued customers an entire solution which is quite important. Along with our top-notch English language services, we provide a wide range of additional services languages to meet a variety of needs and improve your overall language experience. GEOs Sprachcaffe´s study language abroad programs are popular among students who want to combine language learning with travel and cultural experience. Students can pick from a range of destinations across the world, each of which offers a unique experience. Whether it's learning English in London, Spanish in Barcelona, or immersing oneself in Rome's rich history while studying Italian, Sprachcaffe offers a variety of options to meet a variety of interests and ambitions.

Sprachcaffe takes you to the most exciting places in our world has to offer! With our many years of experience, we place great value on authenticity during your language trips, in order to arrange your stay to be as enjoyable as possible and to ensure that your foreign langauge skills develop constantly along the way. Experience the country, its people and its language in their natural environment. Our language courses in diverse locations abroad are led by native speakers, most of whom come from the country in which they teach. They, with the support of the Sprachcaffe Teamers, will give you a deeper understanding of your course's location and will attend to your language needs completely individually. We also organize a varied leisure program of excursions, sports activities, welcome parties and much more for you, with people representing loads of languages and countries from around the world.

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In addition to our language classes, we provide our students with a variety of cultural events and activities to help students get to know the language and the culture that goes alongside it. These services are intended to give full assistance and make language learning more enjoyable.

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Experience the ultimate working experince in Canada

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